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Website Changes and Improvements.

Completed Changes:

  1. Design changes on all the pages.

  2. New Patreon Description and an entirely new donation page.

  3. Added Members-Only pages such as Fakz-Birthdays and Random Quotes. (With more coming).

  4. Added unique artwork and removed some of the "obsolete" pictures.

  5. Updated server rules and added a new section for the new Emotional-Support channel.

  6. The Store remains mostly unchanged but has had a few minor improvements in the ways of layout and wares.

  7. Added an Applications page where people can apply for Staff, Entertainer or Custom Roles.

  8. Slightly improved support for mobile devices. (Still work in progress, however).

  9. Improved the dropdown menus for getting around the website and added a Patreon button to the header page.

  10. Added a custom Error-404 page.

  11. Added Member-Challenges.

Changes in the works:

  • Further support for mobile devices.

  • The overall design and interface work.

  • An entirely new "Story-Page".

  • An entire rework of the Entertainers page.

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