• Fakz

Changes to the Discord

We have been doing much work on the Discord Server lately, and we do sincerely hope that everyone likes the changes!

However, if you have any input, advice, complaints or changes, you'd like for us to make or consider. Please go to https://www.fakz.org/feedback

And send us a detailed description of what you want us to improve.

All the feedback we receive will be hugely appreciated, and if you have any good suggestions, we may even reward you for helping the Community.

Remember that this Community is for all of you, and we want to keep you all happy.

Below are some of the changes we've recently done:

• Added #role-assignment so that people can add identifying roles to themselves and even opt-out of @announcement.

• Removed #fakz-pictures, #game-usernames, #hall-of-fame, #emotional-support, #game-updates, DO NOT DISTURB and all the game voice channels.

• Renamed Ariana Grande Hall, Grander Hall and Grandest Hall to Commoner VC, Nobles VC and Kings&Queens VC.

• Added a Quiz text and voice channel with a !start-quiz command to come with it.

• Renamed and repurposed the #artwork channel and made it into a simple #pictures channel.

• Renamed and repurposed #nsfw-memes into a simple #nsfw channel.

• Added a separate channel for #memes.