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Artwork Event:

Fakz will be hosting an artwork contest over the next week, ending on Monday.

The contest will be over a drawing/painting of The Mjølbanner more info on what that is below.

The winner will receive a reward of a 10$ gift card on Amazon.

What the Mjølbanner is:

The Mjølbanner is a hammer forged and wielded by Kieran.

A hammer to rid the world of grammatical error. (Because yes, Kieran is weird like that)

Much like the Mjølnir from Norse mythology the hammer carries much power and looks godly. (Can both look evil or holy, up to you).






Extra points for adding a scene with the Mjølbanner in it. (You can ask for help on what the scene can be).

The way we have imagined the Mjølbanner is that it has grammatical rules etched into the hammer.

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