Why should you donate?

You should donate because we are a non-profit community. 
We do not gain anything in the ways of financial value unless it comes from the Community itself. 

We are reliant on your support to be able to bring you services like in-game servers, events and anything the Community would like.

It would also allow our staff to get paid for the work they do, which in turn would lead to them being able to focus on improving the server more.

So if you have the money to spare, we would be grateful for all support, and you will be rewarded sufficiently within the Community.

What will we do with the money?

The money will be stored on a separate savings account specifically designated for use on the Fakz Community.

When we get enough money per month, we will invest in in-game servers of the communities choice and begin hosting more events, that may even come with rewards and prizes.

We will also start paying our staff team, allowing them to live their lives and focus more on strengthening Fakz as less of a hobby and more of a job. A hobby job.

Even better, all donators get their say on how they think we should spend the money. Do you want more events? We'll focus on more events. Do you want servers? We will focus on servers.

But most importantly, we can assure you that the money will not be wasted.

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