Community Rules

Chat Rules

• Keep conversations in English, sentences and phrases in other languages are fine.

• Do not spam or be rude.

• No links in the chat unless allowed by staff.

• Steer clear of using vulgarities.

• No NSFW. This includes Nudity, Sexuality, Violence and other Disturbing/Taboo things.

• No provocative imagery.

• Any GIFs or videos that can induce seizures are not allowed.

General Rules

• Always listen to staff.

• Anything that may make people uncomfortable will be removed by staff.

• Do not argue with the staff.

• Openly asking for staff is frowned upon, instead apply normally.

• Be mature and try to make the server a pleasant environment.

• Do not bend the rules for your benefit.

• No advertising, anywhere.

• Impersonation or assuming a false identity will end in an immediate ban.

• We do not allow indecent profile pictures.

• ZALGO is not allowed in nicknames or chat.

• Any member under the age of 13 will be kicked and reported.

Admin Rules

• Admins have to follow the rules, just as you do.

• Admins may change inappropriate nicknames.

• If you are having any problems, consult an admin for help.

• There are age limits to becoming staff, read about them below.


• If you feel disrespected or that someone has broken rules, please contact staff. (We're not psychics).

• We try to keep the server as active as we can, but remember that we can't do it without you guys!

• If you ever have any suggestions for the community, please contact us and tell us about it.

• Rules may change over time, keep yourself updated!

• Do "!help" in Discord to see some useful commands.

Role Descriptions

Staff Roles

High Court: They has the utmost authority and is the highest rank you can achieve. 18+ Age Limit.

Royal Court: They are the administrators of Fakz and take care of various issues and jobs. 18+ Age Limit.

Guardian: They are the moderators. They will make sure Fakz is a fun and safe place to be. 16+ Age Limit.
Helpers are
 people who support others in the #emotional-chat. 14+ Age Limit.

Passive Roles

Fakz Brotherhood: The Fakz Brotherhood is the highest non-staff honour. Carry it with pride. Vote Only.

Hero: The Hero is a member that has proven themselves as loyal and worthy. Level 30.

Kings & Queens: Kings and Queens are the most esteemed and active people there are. Level 25.

Nobles: Nobles are active members that have shown dedication to the Fakz Community. Level 10.

Citizens: The Citizens have spent enough time with us to be considered Citizens (Unlocks emojis). Level 5.

Commoner: The Commoners are the newcomers; they have just joined us. Level 0.

Affiliation Roles

Donator: Patrons are donators, supporters and funders of Fakz, and they all deserve the utmost respect.

Custom Roles

Apply for a Custom Role here:

Custom Roles are specifically for Donators, Fakz Brotherhood, Nobles, Kings & Queens or Heroes.

Spam Guidelines

• The same message, emote or GIF three or more times.

• The same consecutive letter more than three times in one or more messages.

• Random letters and words jumbled together.

• Pictures, GIFs or emotes that don't enhance or provide conversational value.

• Incomprehensible nonsense.

• Font changes and unnecessary formatting.


Invite Rewards

Create your own infinite invite to the server and we will reward you based on how many people you invite.

The person you invite will have to be somewhat active before the invite counts.

       • 3 Invites = Kings&Queens.                    

• 7 Invites = Hero + 5€ off the shop.

                                                                   • 10 Invites = 5€ off the shop     

       • 25 Invites = Fakzpert + 5€ off the shop

       • 30 Invites = 5€ off the shop.                  

       • 50 Invites = 10€ off the shop.                

Non Disclosure Agreement

• This NDA only counts for staff, but it is highly appreciated if members abide by it as well.

• You are not allowed to share information or conversations between staff or other members of the community. 

  • You are allowed to share information or conversations if both parties agree to it being disclosed.

• Staff may discuss topics under NDA if deemed necessary in private and safe settings.

• You must always be sure you are allowed to share the information if you are uncertain do not share it.

• By accepting to be apart of the staff team, you automatically agree to follow this NDA.

• Failure to follow the NDA can result in a demotion or kick depending on the severity.

• If a person tells you certain information is within NDA, but that information can be life-threatening or is very important to something. Then you will be excused for breaking NDA.