Community Rules

Chat Rules

• This server is english only, keep other languages to a minimum.

• Do not spam or be rude.

• No links in chat unless allowed by Staff.

• Steer clear of using vulgarities.

• No NSFW. This includes Nudity, Sexuality, Violence and other Disturbing/Taboo things.

• No provocative imagery.

General Rules

• Always listen to Staff.

• Do not argue with Staff.

• Openly asking for Staff is frowned upon, instead apply normally.

• Be mature and try to make the server a pleasant environment.

• Do not bend the rules for your benefit.

• Impersonating staff will end in immediate ban.

• No insulting Dyno.

Admin Rules

• Admins have to follow the rules, just as you do.

• Admins may change innapropriate nicknames.

• If you are having any problems, consult an admin for help.

• There are age limits to becoming staff, read about them below.


• We try to keep the server as active as we can, but remember that we can't do it without you guys!

• If you ever have any suggestions for the community please contact us and tell us about it.

• Rules may change over time, keep yourself updated!

• Do "!help" in Discord to see some usefull commands.

Role Descriptions

Staff Roles

High Court: They has the utmost authority and is the highest rank you can achieve. 18+ Age Limit.

Royal Court: They are the administrators of Fakz and take care of various issues and jobs. 18+ Age Limit.

Guardian: They are the moderators. They will make sure Fakz is a fun and safe place to be. 16+ Age Limit.

Passive Roles

Fakz Brotherhood: The Fakz Brotherhood is the highest non-staff honour. Carry it with pride.

Kings & Queens: Kings and Queens are the most esteemed and active people there are.

Nobles: Our Nobles are amongst the most active and loyal people in Fakz.

Citizens: The Citizens of Fakz have spent enough time with us to be considered Citizens.

Commoner: The Commoners are the newcomers, they have just joined us.

Affiliation Roles

Entertainer: Our Entertainers are Streamers and Youtubers that have decided to Affiliate with Fakz.

Allies (Partners): Our Allies are the partnered server owners of the Fakz Community.

The Patrons: Patrons are donators, supporters and funders of Fakz and they all deserve the utmost respect.

Custom Roles

Apply for a Custom Role here:

Custom Roles are specifically for Donators, Fakz Brotherhood or Kings & Queens.

Spam Guidelines

• The same message 3 or more times.

• The same letter more than 3 times in one or more messages.

• Random letters and words jumbled together.

• Pictures that don't enhance or provide conversational value.

• Incomprehensible nonsense.

Non Disclosure Agreement


• You are not allowed to share information or conversations between staff or other members of the community. 

  • You are allowed to share information or conversations if both parties agree to it being disclosed.

• If a member approaches you with a problem or needs your help you must always ask them if they would like this conversation to be held within the rules of the NDA.

• You must always be sure you are allowed to share the information, if you are uncertain do not share it.

• By accepting to be apart of the staff team you automatically agree to follow this NDA.

• Failure to follow the NDA can result in a demotion or kick depending on the severity.

• If a person tells you certain information is within NDA but that information can be life threatening or is very important to something. Then you will be excused for breaking NDA.

• This NDA only counts for staff, but it is highly appreciated if you abide by it aswell.