The Fakz Team Members

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Christoffer Frederich


Wift is the proud owner of Fakz.


Royal Court

Future electrical engineer and programmer, Mudkip buff and heartwarming fellow.


Royal Court

Stratty/Jack is the resident funny guy of Fakz. So don't get any funny ideas.



Becca is one of our oldest members and is undoubtedly one of the most trusted.



Axelyte is the Co-Owner of the server and has been here since the very beginning.

Bjørn Thorn

Royal Court

Bjorn is a member once lost to the test of time, but he has returned to Fakz to thrive once more!



Lenin is our most loyal Guardian, yet also the troublemaker of the team.

Kieran Graham

High Court

Kieran is one of our trusted managers.


Royal Court

Joyce is one of our entertainers and an up and coming voice actor that wants to help Fakz out by working as one of our Royal Court!



Davie is a loyal and trustworthy moderator in the Fakz Community.

About Us

Fakz is an online community originally created by a small group of people.
Now, grown into what it is today we host events, servers and various other things to make the community a fun, interactive and all-around good place to be.

Fakz aims to be a gathering ground for people from all over the world to meet and talk online.

We will never stop working on making Fakz a better place for everyone to enjoy and we hope that you will all be there to see this through with us.