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Christoffer Frederich


I originally created Fakz as a small clan on Counter Strike, it slowly grew out from that and became a slightly bigger group of friends. After moving away from Counter Strike, Fakz started growing and we settled a community on Discord. We grew more and more and I began feeling a distinct pull towards making Fakz bigger and better. Since then I have worked tirelessly to improve upon what Fakz grew into after Counter Strike. Today Fakz is a community that I have come to grow proud of. We act as a gathering ground for everyone to meet, Fakz will always be there when you need it. We have created servers in games to allow the community to gather in-game and play together. Namely in Arma 3, Minecraft and Mordhau. I will never stop working on making Fakz a better place for everyone to enjoy and I hope that everyone will one day enjoy it as much as me and help me see through this idea that I have for Fakz.

+47 45502041